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"Phone number review" - the project was created to receive negative or positive information about phone number owners, comments and feedback about companies and quality of their service, information exchange, regarding fraud or SPAM. Visitors of the site can get acquainted with the data of our US telephone directory. However, that information is not 100% completely reliable. In any event, it will help to avoid problems with scammers and criminals. If you have useful information about any phone number, or its owner - leave a comment here. Everyday updating of the telephone directory data enables many people to get over the deception, negative consequences of fraudulent actions, and also get information about dishonest owners of specific phone numbers. Whatever information provided by you may helped many people. Website co-workers also searches for information about every request that you have left. The Administration is grateful to you for providing this materials.

Last comments


3609191317 or +13609191317

Rose commented 2020-11-29
I'm from Philippines. I got an email about the fund dadadada. 750,000 dollars.


8334350926 or +18334350926

JS commented 2020-11-29
I received an attempt for a v-call, but as I didn't recognize the number I did not answer the call.


5159812167 or +15159812167

Nick commented 2020-11-29
I lost my number


5203560537 or +15203560537

Dude in Belgium commented 2020-11-29
She tried to get my email address en my phone number. Be carefull people


3177443722 or +13177443722

Mya Rujuwa To: Mommy commented 2020-11-29
Hai Mommy its Mya Can you Tell whoever is playing on your phone to get Off Of It! Luv You btw Im Texting You on My Computer I Found This App Cya When You Pick Me Up From Jada's House!


2768002475 or +12768002475

R Nelson commented 2020-11-29
This is scam number telling you there are Amazon with charges on your card. When calling back it is busy and show on internet as scam number


4075166448 or +14075166448

Candice commented 2020-11-29
I received a message that was also sent to 9 other people. It was supposedly a man and wife looking for someone to clean those home. Not sure if it’s a scam yet


6807771922 or +16807771922

ron commented 2020-11-28
scam no one answer the number it goes to voicemail, then there is nothing


8189152235 or +18189152235

mark lanrgan commented 2020-11-28


8031814843 or +18031814843

dewey jackson commented 2020-11-28
computer security refund scam, wanted me to be on computer to give them my ip address. would not email form for $399 refund. phone number may have been spoofed.