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"Phone number review" - the project was created to receive negative or positive information about phone number owners, comments and feedback about companies and quality of their service, information exchange, regarding fraud or SPAM. Visitors of the site can get acquainted with the data of our US telephone directory. However, that information is not 100% completely reliable. In any event, it will help to avoid problems with scammers and criminals. If you have useful information about any phone number, or its owner - leave a comment here. Everyday updating of the telephone directory data enables many people to get over the deception, negative consequences of fraudulent actions, and also get information about dishonest owners of specific phone numbers. Whatever information provided by you may helped many people. Website co-workers also searches for information about every request that you have left. The Administration is grateful to you for providing this materials.

Last comments


4695849143 or +14695849143

darlene commented 2021-01-23
hang up call


4695849143 or +14695849143

dick commented 2021-01-23
called, but wouldn't say anything, then hung up.


7622354584 or +17622354584

Elementary School commented 2021-01-22
Said his name was Brandon and needed me. Wanted to come to the office and said he loved me.


5253695357 or +15253695357

Scammer commented 2021-01-22
this is a scam on your amazon account.


5253695357 or +15253695357

Farm Girl commented 2021-01-22
Scam said someone was charging Iphones to my acct. Recording trying to get you to press 1 or 2


2029789226 or +12029789226

LB commented 2021-01-22
Male calling, said he was from Tea Party express told me how much he wanted via Credit card so money could be used faster Do not give out CC# and do not like to be told how much to give so I HUNGUP


8334701161 or +18334701161

Gina commented 2021-01-22
Spam. Spoof. Fake government text to update my email and info.


3866628750 or +13866628750

Jeseia commented 2021-01-22
Tried to call this number back and got empty air!


8885883181 or +18885883181

Vera commented 2021-01-22
I just got 2 of the same letters but 1 number is 1-888-588-3181 and the 2nd number is 1-800-716-0874 same letter but different phone numbers and different customer I'd numbers believe bother r scams not calling


8777675917 or +18777675917

Lonnie commented 2021-01-22
This number 877-767-5917 called on 01/22/2021 pretending to be a family member and stating that he was at the police station. There was no huge reaction as the person knew this family member was where they were supposed to be and not at the police station. The scammer then just hung up.