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"Phone number review" - the project was created to receive negative or positive information about phone number owners, comments and feedback about companies and quality of their service, information exchange, regarding fraud or SPAM. Visitors of the site can get acquainted with the data of our US telephone directory. However, that information is not 100% completely reliable. In any event, it will help to avoid problems with scammers and criminals. If you have useful information about any phone number, or its owner - leave a comment here. Everyday updating of the telephone directory data enables many people to get over the deception, negative consequences of fraudulent actions, and also get information about dishonest owners of specific phone numbers. Whatever information provided by you may helped many people. Website co-workers also searches for information about every request that you have left. The Administration is grateful to you for providing this materials.

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8312778712 or +18312778712

DOn commented 2020-10-25
Pete Ruiz


7256961913 or +17256961913

agnes commented 2020-10-25
un hombre de 51 años dice ser capitan de marina de ee.uu. y que esta en afganistan en la guerra me dio este nro , diciendo que es de michigan pero que esta en afganistan , y este es su nro , parece una estafa , no posee redes sociales , el nombre que usa es ^Patrick Albert es de tes bronceada , cabello crespo corto , y ojos verdes , foto con uniforme de capitan.-


5204057601 or +15204057601

Un-Named commented 2020-10-25
Nina and Natalie are the scammers. They prowl on dating sites looking to extort money. When they don't get the money they want they post here for retaliation. These are evil women.


8003235976 or +18003235976

Anon e Mouse commented 2020-10-25
This number called me and left no message and i cant find any info about who it might be


5102964833 or +15102964833

Scott Ambra commented 2020-10-25
Where its this


3208022193 or +13208022193

Helbourn commented 2020-10-25
Call and hang up no message


8888030036 or +18888030036

kurmat commented 2020-10-25
number supposedly ms tech support after edge browser was hijacked with an error message.


3202626913 or +13202626913

Helbourn commented 2020-10-25
call about an errant charge on my amazon account. The bot hung up when I didn't respond.


3208820343 or +13208820343

Helbourn commented 2020-10-25
Call Hang-up left no message.


9497711060 or +19497711060

Adamuu commented 2020-10-25
The owner of this phone has facebook account made enormous request, once connect share vwry explicitly photoes start conveesation and video call, during video start recording secretly. Later on start black mail ing by sendin ong text massage and nude recoded video. Asking money or publish publicly the nude photoes. It's very hard time to friend of who experienced