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"Phone number review" - the project was created to receive negative or positive information about phone number owners, comments and feedback about companies and quality of their service, information exchange, regarding fraud or SPAM. Visitors of the site can get acquainted with the data of our US telephone directory. However, that information is not 100% completely reliable. In any event, it will help to avoid problems with scammers and criminals. If you have useful information about any phone number, or its owner - leave a comment here. Everyday updating of the telephone directory data enables many people to get over the deception, negative consequences of fraudulent actions, and also get information about dishonest owners of specific phone numbers. Whatever information provided by you may helped many people. Website co-workers also searches for information about every request that you have left. The Administration is grateful to you for providing this materials.

Last comments


8664731432 or +18664731432

Nancy commented 2021-03-05
Received email from “amazon prime” notifying me of a package to be shipped. I checked amazon account and order was not there. Called customer service 1-866-473-1432 on email, operator needed my email address, I refused and operator hung up.


8008151665 or +18008151665

M. Uttly commented 2021-03-05


3235106358 or +13235106358

Bret commented 2021-03-05
They just called me and I live in Kansas, I believe it to be a spam caller.


2197178113 or +12197178113

Kristina Jones commented 2021-03-05
call me back on 1 219 588 7857


8556041653 or +18556041653

Keith commented 2021-03-05
This is a spam number that has texted me with a URL attached.


7070440094 or +17070440094

zsdrfsfgxz commented 2021-03-05
Who called me?


7146129262 or +17146129262

Anonymous patron commented 2021-03-05
I believe this is a scam number, it sent me a text about winning apple ear pods on amazon.


2029383668 or +12029383668

bruce commented 2021-03-05
spam risk


7197598775 or +17197598775

Steven Ainsley commented 2021-03-05
Calls our phone line day and night but does no leave any message.


3233104472 or +13233104472

Andrea Meininger commented 2021-03-05
Es gibt vor ein prominenter zu sein. Bin mir unsicher