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8004051818 or +18004051818

Doug G commented 2021-01-13
SCAM. Email sent indicating a charge for Microsoft help desk renewal. Wants to charge you $249.99 from you bank account they say is on file.


6282695479 or +16282695479

Maria commented 2021-01-13
Buenas tardes, quiero informar que desde este número están enviando mensajes por WhatsApp a personas que conozco, haciéndose pasar por mi y les están pidiendo favores pra luego extorsionar. Yo No me encuentro en Estados Unidos viviendo.


2517088180 or +12517088180

jjjjj commented 2021-01-13
No, I don't know whose number it is


2155373636 or +12155373636

Michele G. commented 2021-01-13
Apparently it's a robo-call. I'm in FL with no connection to Phila. yet this # persists in calling me. When I pick up and answer with silence (per AARP advice) no one is there. In a couple seconds the phone clicks then disconnects.


2692218540 or +12692218540

Mary commented 2021-01-13
Hang up calls


4127348832 or +14127348832

Jane Doe commented 2021-01-13
Hang up call from my old "friends" (that's sarcasm, BTW) at "A ABLE 1 ANSWE[RING]". DON'T PICK UP IF YOU GET A CALL FROM THESE PEOPLE -- NO MATTER WHAT NUMBER COMES UP! Because if it's them listed on the caller ID? lt's spam!


6028574343 or +16028574343

Kf commented 2021-01-13
Doedntcome up with the name E I was looking for. I think s scam


8702005389 or +18702005389

Anonymous commented 2021-01-13
The is a robot calling to solicit personal information.


9493357923 or +19493357923

S commented 2021-01-13
It’s Steve from Cardinal refinance. Won’t leave a message. Missed call everyday!


6124284407 or +16124284407

mvv commented 2021-01-13
scam - - said I had multiple infractions on my name and social and that they were from a law firm. Think I would have received a certified mail first.


5704973348 or +15704973348

tl commented 2021-01-13
ss scam got called a ****h by officer Brown


2767334002 or +12767334002

jake commented 2021-01-13
mom took my phone baby im sorry i love you so much ill try to text you tonight


8324167826 or +18324167826

jjjjj commented 2021-01-13
Whose number could it be?


7625679609 or +17625679609

Nunya commented 2021-01-13
This number comes up as a scam call. My phone automatically blocks these tyoes of numbers


6466877126 or +16466877126

Jo commented 2021-01-13
This number apparently called me just now. No call received! Not only do I not recognise it, I'm in the UK! Beware!


4696136286 or +14696136286

L.Stuart commented 2021-01-13
This came up telling me I was, per their records, a victim of identity theft and my credit score was affected. I have multiple credit checks for this sort of thing, NOTHING has ever come up, even on dark web checks. SCAM,SCAM,SCAM.


9288338351 or +19288338351

d commented 2021-01-13
Unwanted calls


9146781996 or +19146781996

Leticia C. Caceci commented 2021-01-13
I keep receiving phone calls from this number with a voice that says "hi, I'm John" What gives?


5053907708 or +15053907708

John commented 2021-01-13
Solicitor repeat calls after asking to stop. I will find who it is and take appropriate action


8653254167 or +18653254167

Miguel commented 2021-01-13
Quiero saber de dónde y aquí en pertenece este número q me llama