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7153961209 or +17153961209

AV commented 2021-01-18
Oszust matrymonialny


9418403925 or +19418403925

Rose commented 2021-01-18
It says from fido mobile department reminding me to claimed the payment of 136.60 cad they owe!


6464202429 or +16464202429

Dwayne commented 2021-01-18
Who owns this number?


4697976465 or +14697976465

fraud alert commented 2021-01-17
Claims to be At&t


9592052564 or +19592052564

Nyi Nyi Win Tun commented 2021-01-17
Nyi Nyi Win Tun. NRC Card No-- 9/WATANA(N)113389.64 and 65 Street Between. 111 and 112 Street Between. 64(B)Street. Chan Mya Tha Zi Township. Mandalay Dihvision. Myanmar Country. Thank you very much.Telephone No 9592052564.


8636676641 or +18636676641

Diego commented 2021-01-17
Eu tenho no zap eu queria saber de quem é esse número quem é a pessoa


9802502605 or +19802502605

Zoey commented 2021-01-17
Whose number is this plz need help


3347886842 or +13347886842

Tenor commented 2021-01-17
I missed a call from this number. When I called back, the number was disconnected. Now I don’t know who it was.


5521419991 or +15521419991

adrian commented 2021-01-17
I want to know who called me. This number has not been recorded in any way.


8452627228 or +18452627228

Lal Mawi commented 2021-01-17
My story is like a dark sky. and if I look all over the place there is no help !!! Everything is blocked and stuck !!! I do not see any way out of this situation, in which I received such a call from the Company. I invested in this company, it's a bitcoin mining, or an investment plan anyway, I started with my only remaining paycheck before the second wave started in Malaysia. It was $ 450 and I deposited slowly up to $ 2800 and the profit was $ 12000. I thought about my family situation and mine, so I only believed once and lost everything I had left. Half $ 2800 from my friends that I borrowed to fund my account !! I am not in the USA, so I cannot go and find them and collect lost money and property, and my family is now in a very serious situation to rent a house, I cannot send them money now. Where my family will live and how I will live, I can no longer think directly. I feel so helpless and full of pain! Please help me get my money back


8885795910 or +18885795910

Vujko commented 2021-01-17
Very nice company!


2135985610 or +12135985610

Hilton commented 2021-01-17
Who else has this number called? Already tired of my calls.


9045601592 or +19045601592

Monica Maxwell commented 2021-01-17
He's a very bad man


9598896797 or +19598896797

Sanjay commented 2021-01-17


4128751963 or +14128751963

Chloe Judge Wilson commented 2021-01-17
No message left. Caller ID said "UNKNOWN NAME". Several sites give fake sounding names -- at least two of which (so far) live at fake addresses. SPAM SPAM SPAMMITY SPAM....


2697524420 or +12697524420

John commented 2021-01-17
Suspected spam .Did not leave message


9403021712 or +19403021712

J. commented 2021-01-17
Somebody left a message from this number claiming to be Amazon saying there was a large sum charged on my credit card. When tried calling number back- all I got was a busy signal. Thinking this is 'phising' or some type of credit card fraud.


9360320264 or +19360320264

Bipad commented 2021-01-17


9192492576 or +19192492576

Patriot commented 2021-01-17
This is a filthy leftest phone number spreading lies and hatred in our Country.


8449062127 or +18449062127

Cin commented 2021-01-17
This number showed as a charge to my credit card I DID NOT make. FRAUD!!