Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


7243078799 or +17243078799

JIMMY commented 2020-11-30
Scam alert. Good at what she does to get your money.


9545543445 or +19545543445

Manuellyda Ferraz commented 2020-11-29


9518165159 or +19518165159

Phyllis Nykiel commented 2020-11-29
received a text from this number claiming to be fedex notification that parcel is on its way with complimentary item and wanted me to confirm details. I did not order anything arriving from feded.


8032099848 or +18032099848

MB commented 2020-11-29
This number texted me to say I had a complimentary package on its way from FedEx, all I had to do was confirm my details by selecting a link. It was an obvious scam.


4696821189 or +14696821189

Aida commented 2020-11-29
just wanted to know


3609191317 or +13609191317

Rose commented 2020-11-29
I'm from Philippines. I got an email about the fund dadadada. 750,000 dollars.


8334350926 or +18334350926

JS commented 2020-11-29
I received an attempt for a v-call, but as I didn't recognize the number I did not answer the call.


5159812167 or +15159812167

Nick commented 2020-11-29
I lost my number


5203560537 or +15203560537

Dude in Belgium commented 2020-11-29
She tried to get my email address en my phone number. Be carefull people


3177443722 or +13177443722

Mya Rujuwa To: Mommy commented 2020-11-29
Hai Mommy its Mya Can you Tell whoever is playing on your phone to get Off Of It! Luv You btw Im Texting You on My Computer I Found This App Cya When You Pick Me Up From Jada's House!


2768002475 or +12768002475

R Nelson commented 2020-11-29
This is scam number telling you there are Amazon with charges on your card. When calling back it is busy and show on internet as scam number


4075166448 or +14075166448

Candice commented 2020-11-29
I received a message that was also sent to 9 other people. It was supposedly a man and wife looking for someone to clean those home. Not sure if it’s a scam yet


6807771922 or +16807771922

ron commented 2020-11-28
scam no one answer the number it goes to voicemail, then there is nothing


8189152235 or +18189152235

mark lanrgan commented 2020-11-28


8031814843 or +18031814843

dewey jackson commented 2020-11-28
computer security refund scam, wanted me to be on computer to give them my ip address. would not email form for $399 refund. phone number may have been spoofed.


9060635121 or +19060635121

DINESH KUMAR commented 2020-11-28
Cfm 91


7372012176 or +17372012176

Adenrele commented 2020-11-28
This number may be scam


2406502100 or +12406502100

SANTOSH NAYAK commented 2020-11-28
thank you so much sir Phone no:8668529176


2692470120 or +12692470120

R M Brown commented 2020-11-28
Received a Text - Get paid $400 weekly as a personal shopper for Mysurvey Inc. To sign up for evaluation text 2694128032. Not sure if this is legit or a scam


9033097708 or +19033097708

Shane whatley commented 2020-11-28
Yes I’m having someone from 19033097708 calling and texting me profanity and threatening my life I need something done about this please.