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8174352861 or +18174352861

Jelena commented 2021-02-24
Get stolen in BTCoin from this number.


6082620508 or +16082620508

Wisconsin commented 2021-02-24
Someone called me from 608-262-0508. Didn't say anything and hung up. Most likely scammers. Machine robo calls hear a voice and then you'll hear a little ping when their line connects. Then they try to scam you with fake offers. Their so lazy they don't even make the calls anymore, they have a robo call connect for them.


6074426059 or +16074426059

Anon commented 2021-02-24
Same experience, bot user. Scraping ebay ads, asking generic questions.


8885727536 or +18885727536

Barbara Flowers commented 2021-02-24
I ordered a machine for my foot it sounded good I've been waiting for over a month


3055163224 or +13055163224

jay martin commented 2021-02-24
Suspected Social Security Scam caller number.


8009587164 or +18009587164

Jessica commented 2021-02-24
My house is for sale, the person called our Realtor to try to get in touch with me claiming that they had tried with the number on the account and couldn't get in touch with me. She conferenced us in. The person claimed that we had only paid part of our bills and that they were shutting off our electric. Logged on to our ConEd account, everything is perfectly fine.


5351289875 or +15351289875

mili mendez commented 2021-02-24
hola soy yo la toxica podemos hablar por correo se me ase difĂ­cil por aqui estoy como y tu


8336851992 or +18336851992

KSWolfe commented 2021-02-24
This is a scam! Beware.


8336940700 or +18336940700

MT commented 2021-02-24
Called me and said my provider had some outstanding charges that needed to be dealt with. Knew my phone model and provider name and my name as well. Very bad pronunciation of name and model of phone. My provider does not have this number on any of their sites so I refused to call back. Might be a scammer


8889270397 or +18889270397

Rebecca McFann commented 2021-02-24


8773880778 or +18773880778

CG commented 2021-02-24


8449426326 or +18449426326

Sarah Horstman commented 2021-02-24
Message just said "Accounts Receivable calling regarding a billing matter for payroll services.. call us and reference your account number"


4793291874 or +14793291874

Tambra commented 2021-02-24
This number called me saying they were from Capital One wanting to reduce credit card interest rate to 1.9%. SCAM FOR SURE. They left a call back number of 1-800-811-0072


8008110072 or +18008110072

Tambra commented 2021-02-24
+1 (479) 329-1874 Alma, AR That number called me, left 800.811.0072 as the call back number. Same as Sarah, they said they were Capital One wanting to reduce credit card interest to 1.9%. SCAM FOR SURE.


2182480255 or +12182480255

Katy Tyler commented 2021-02-24
The owner is an amazing person inside and out. Owner has a doggy. I', truly thankful that I met her in 2017 and that we have a unbreakable friendship! The owner is respectful, kind, sweet, and caring. You're a crazy person.


6573322257 or +16573322257

fred commented 2021-02-24
rip off and scam from your web site


6315893672 or +16315893672

john commented 2021-02-24
this number was originally for Sayville, NY not California. You make the connection as to what the caller is doing. There message left was "$999. Scheduled to be delivered to Baltimore Maryland. If you haven't placed this order then please press one to speak to a representative immediately. Thank you." they do not say who they are or what company they are working for. Therefore I am assuming they are scammers doing a scam. Be aware of these scams!


8313506016 or +18313506016

WEYLN commented 2021-02-24
I am getting charges unknown from this


2313757201 or +12313757201

Friend of the owner of the number commented 2021-02-24
This person is a really great person they are really nice and kind!! Not a robot to so that's a plus


8006161118 or +18006161118

Fullerents commented 2021-02-24
800-616-1118 Possible phishing - voice recording said someone spent money on my account then it disconnected.