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6819113227 or +16819113227

Ana commented 2020-12-02
I receive anonymous calls from this number


5013800170 or +15013800170

anonymous commented 2020-12-02
this person claims to be someone they're not calling you sweet names trying to get close to you she said that she was from Joplin mo, and that her mom is sick,I don't think that she is a she


7036778790 or +17036778790

anonymous commented 2020-12-02
this number scammed me out of hundreds of dollars they build you up and paint a pretty picture and then leave you high and dry


8771343385 or +18771343385

Sharon B commented 2020-12-02
Scam phone call saying my SS number has been compromised. Yeah right.


9385917572 or +19385917572

نیلوفرشاهپرست commented 2020-12-02
شمارم تایید نمیشه


8582473998 or +18582473998

Pl commented 2020-12-02
Called. Recording stated I was going to be charged $399.+ from my ckg account for some kind of warranty on my computer. Like a dummy. I called back and the asian male who answered that I questioned what this was for, hung up on me. I called back, got the same worm and he once again hung up after I told him to cancel anything he thought he was going to charge my ckg. account for after telling me I had to cancel via my computer. I reported this to phone co. giving the number to them. The att rep stated they had no info on the number, and I did place a call to my credit union to put an alert on my ckg account even though that info was never given to the caller. I blocked the number from being able to call me again from that number, however I note the number has multiple numbers. I suspect I'll be adding to the blocked list the rest of their listings in the future.


8770692430 or +18770692430

C Bailey commented 2020-12-02
Claims to be Social Security. Got to be scam


8439838675 or +18439838675

Chris commented 2020-12-02
Spammy text messages


8472943469 or +18472943469

Private commented 2020-12-01
Hang up call; number is listed in Chinese language directory; criminal phishing robocall in Chinese?


8479614540 or +18479614540

Private commented 2020-12-01
Second hangup today; perhaps a robocaller; harassment!


6892020785 or +16892020785

Frank commented 2020-12-01
In several occasions I received call from this number but never response, when I call back it never answer.


3275710594 or +13275710594

Joni commented 2020-12-01
Got a call stating they were from Amazon and wanted me to download Ultraviewer so they could cancel an order someone made. It was not showing in my Amazon account and he kept saying my credentials were compromised.


5098165258 or +15098165258

JOSEPH WARD commented 2020-12-01
non stop call mark i buy homes 20 per day


2163609454 or +12163609454

Eeplin commented 2020-12-01
They're calling saying they are from social security saying that you are being investigated for .


5667909616 or +15667909616

me commented 2020-12-01
SAC Service X


6676423490 or +16676423490

Arturo Parra García commented 2020-12-01
Me llaman y no contestan


9495716959 or +19495716959

medical office in CA commented 2020-12-01
imbecile indian accented scammer!


8886407942 or +18886407942

JACQUES COTE commented 2020-11-30
Is the 1-888-640-7942 the real telephone number of Microsoft Support?


5592828376 or +15592828376

Obedient Christian Believer commented 2020-11-30
Visit and for true bible teaching.


7737323943 or +17737323943

hendi brechtin commented 2020-11-30
good job