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3236969342 or +13236969342

Kim commented 2021-02-25
Pretty sure this is a scam. I got a call from "Sam" with Accident something or other saying that I won the case. He knew my full name, but I have not been in any accidents.


8594378761 or +18594378761

Brandon commented 2021-02-25
Call claiming warrant for arrest and they law enforcement and suspicious things going on with bank account


9842136601 or +19842136601

medical office in CA commented 2021-02-25
mentally limited edition


2088117711 or +12088117711

LB commented 2021-02-25
Said they were Amazon and my account had been breached for several hundreds of dollars to press 1 for help with my account I hung up & went to amazon no charges made Scam number!!!


8302849779 or +18302849779

Jan commented 2021-02-25
Vehicle warranty sales


4073058731 or +14073058731

Jo commented 2021-02-25
Calls. Never leaves a message. Phone number from Kissimmee, FL


8335459197 or +18335459197

Bam commented 2021-02-25
Got an unsolicited text from this number encouraging me to install an app on my phone for help to track a non specific shopping order. Naturally I didn't click on the hyperlink in the message. It's a phishing scam


9592224954 or +19592224954

kel commented 2021-02-25
Said they where from the social security dept. ,he was an officer, and my S.S# was on hold , i needed to talk to someone there by pushing a #, this was an automated caller


2743346132 or +12743346132

ایسا بویه commented 2021-02-25
How can I find out who called me from this number?


8665998980 or +18665998980

markita commented 2021-02-25
did not even help find my sons phone number


9712363207 or +19712363207

Liereal commented 2021-02-25
It is a trustfund banking online of company traders


9543000669 or +19543000669

Ring commented 2021-02-25
Marriott hotels scam, false advertising fake products. The representatives can’t speak English and will threaten to find you


6516854554 or +16516854554

Ring commented 2021-02-25
Number calls, no one responds


8032696284 or +18032696284

yodi commented 2021-02-25
Unknown number


4108883134 or +14108883134

Vest commented 2021-02-25
Said they are from social security office and threatened to stop your money


8336361091 or +18336361091

Sam Scratch commented 2021-02-25
OMG! Can you say """SCAM""" Do NOT even "THINK" about it!!!!!!!!


8886061266 or +18886061266

John commented 2021-02-25
This was listed as the contact number in a fake email I received telling me I had authorized a $500.00 payment through my PayPal account to a company named Ταrgeτ Brands, Inc. I did not authorize any such payment. I checked my PayPal account and it wasn't there. I think they wanted me to call thet number and try to get personal information from me.


5202373986 or +15202373986

Ralph commented 2021-02-25
Social Security scam.


2125054678 or +12125054678

N commented 2021-02-25
Scammer called with this number but wrong caller ID. Caller ID said KLS Advisors. I'm not from New York area and have never been there or dealt with anyone there.


2818103833 or +12818103833

Rita commented 2021-02-25
This person is a scammer. He might message you in Instagram and ask if he could add you in Telegram.