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6146524188 or +16146524188

CH commented 2020-12-04
Social Security SCAM


4433753362 or +14433753362

Kz commented 2020-12-04
This man is a scammer. He has called my elderly mother several times under the pretense of “identity theft”. He told her she can’t tell anyone in her family but to go to the nearest Target and call for further instructions.


8333480591 or +18333480591

cathy commented 2020-12-04
This number was used as an over-seas scam. It also followed the 12-2-2020 report re: the Israeli downtown office buildings filled with over 5,000 scam operations!!!


5705773731 or +15705773731

n/a commented 2020-12-04
this is a scam number


9132930054 or +19132930054

Kate commented 2020-12-04
this is a scam..selling warrany insurance on for my20 year old car!!!! Excuse me! I get many of these a day...I just keep blocking the numbers.


9402891413 or +19402891413

Michael commented 2020-12-04
This number calls me 40 to 50 times a day and I don't answer it because I know its a scam call. But it drives me crazy.


6197096435 or +16197096435

peter woj commented 2020-12-04
sdge scam ?


2258015174 or +12258015174

peggy farmer commented 2020-12-03
225 801-5174 when i answered advises something was wrong with my phone, but problem was fixed now..i have no idea what's going on..


9512845165 or +19512845165

Abdu commented 2020-12-03
I spoke with him on a business proposal. He sounded genuine.


5664233312 or +15664233312

Bob White commented 2020-12-03


7782335956 or +17782335956

Donna Bujan commented 2020-12-03
claiming to be service canada


2192448808 or +12192448808

alberto lopez commented 2020-12-03
el numero esta siendo utilizado para hacer estafas suplantando identidad


8006225836 or +18006225836

Luke commented 2020-12-03
got a call from this number, automated machine saying my SIN # was under investigation for fraudulent activity.


2035641853 or +12035641853

Calvin commented 2020-12-03
Said there was suspicious active on my amazon account, someone was trying to buy an Iphone.


8178966465 or +18178966465

lolo commented 2020-12-03
miss you bero


2123892509 or +12123892509

Ethos the EHOT commented 2020-12-03
bears of russia told me they do not trust the dragon from middle kingdom, as is. number will call, say its verizon china department, then lengthy message in chinese it's a fax number only if you return the call


3602237072 or +13602237072

Ггг commented 2020-12-03
Перезвони мне


7205936880 or +17205936880

Ryan commented 2020-12-03


5665849042 or +15665849042

Don commented 2020-12-03
Claimed to be "Alfred" from "Windows" regarding a problem with my computer, even though the recorded announcement said the call was about the license fee for my computer being due to automatically renew. Tried to give me a hexadecimal number string that I could use to verify his authenticity, which was just part of the registry class identifier system. Hung up when I told him I was using the registry editor to look it up.


9803186019 or +19803186019

Scam on SSN commented 2020-12-03
It’s a scam calling about fraudulent activity on people SSN