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4014194677 or +14014194677

Terri commented 2020-09-18
Receiving random messages in Australia from this number.


8334800779 or +18334800779

Connie commented 2020-09-18
They calling stated that I must paid with my card 720.00 dollars or the will proceed with serving me papers. I don’t know them at all and the threating me


2082611896 or +12082611896

Keto commented 2020-09-18
C'est un numéro de téléphone qu'un internotte m'a envoyé s' voulais en savoir plus sur ce numéro avant d'appeller


6094842160 or +16094842160

d commented 2020-09-18
No voicemail. Sorry, no pickup because we don't know who you are.


5029960242 or +15029960242

Назойливый чувак commented 2020-09-18
Пишет какой-то парень, который не представляется. Говорит что он якобы твой суженный и любимый. Не видитесь, развод чистый воды.


8053917077 or +18053917077

roberto commented 2020-09-18
number probably used by somebody located in Ghana for not clear reasons


5026124824 or +15026124824

Theresa commented 2020-09-18


6289235477 or +16289235477

Dipak Kumar commented 2020-09-18
Help me find who is the owner of this phone number


3162033044 or +13162033044

Jimmy commented 2020-09-18
Why R these number showings up on our phone


2311849396 or +12311849396

g commented 2020-09-18


5732692855 or +15732692855

Anonymous commented 2020-09-18
This number messaged me with a link saying “this is for you darling” i don’t know what it links to but be careful


5863203816 or +15863203816

Terron commented 2020-09-18
Chinese hackers


8335350584 or +18335350584

Kayla commented 2020-09-18
Unsolicited text to win tickets to a My Chemical Romance concert with a likely sketchy link attached


8887180252 or +18887180252

Bob commented 2020-09-17
Some D Bag calling an ex (17 yrs an ex) and stating his name is Bryan Harper (like the baseball player) stating he is a "paralegal" about to file suit. This is in line with other SCAM going around where they threaten legal action on nonexistent debt. SCAM


4433841859 or +14433841859

Ronald Hariman commented 2020-09-17
i think they are scamming me aND WANT ME TO CALL BACK


7174231028 or +17174231028

Misty commented 2020-09-17
Caller (David) says they’re from the social security administration calling about fraudulent activity in PA using my social. I live in another state. This looks to be scam


8503601500 or +18503601500

Your Daddy commented 2020-09-17
auto warranty. press 1 to delete from call list, so we can call you from another number...gonna make a trip to tallahassee soon.


4049004887 or +14049004887

Barbara Cascinari commented 2020-09-17
Credo che sia un hacker, perché sta usando il profilo di un'artista di fama mondiale che è molto ricco, e sta chiedendo soldi.


4807800023 or +14807800023

Great Broad commented 2020-09-17
Called and auto voice stated they were not available. I assume a crawler for Android phones to get personal info


7608533321 or +17608533321

thomas commented 2020-09-17
Warranty scam message