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4434602923 or +14434602923

Franklin commented 2020-09-23
Este número +14434602923 es número distorsionando a la gente se pasa diciendo que esta en guerra donald kennth. Es un farsante estafador y dice que esta en el ejército de los Estados Unidos me chino y a chingada a gentes quitándole su dinero y el dinero todavía te pide que se lo deposite a la señora nora edith valdez Antonio. Esto es ya cibernetico por el facebook y el messinger. Así que tengan mucho cuidado. Y dice que ya esta el dinero en la aduana pa su pura madre que señor.


4058822607 or +14058822607

chechang commented 2020-09-23
hi it's me chechang


9862004232 or +19862004232

Pc commented 2020-09-23
Left message claiming to be amazon support checking the validity of a visa purchase


5583740875 or +15583740875

Julia commented 2020-09-23
This number called my cell phone today requesting a call back so that my Social Security Number is not blocked. They call from multiple numbers.


5864001089 or +15864001089

barbara commented 2020-09-23
repeated calling all day....even just now at 9:45 name Dynata,,,,any info on this ?


8448979754 or +18448979754

Cherry commented 2020-09-23
I received a phone call telling me that I have a important document from Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan. For details push Number9, I pushed the number 9, then a Chinese man answered my phone, he asked me what's the matter? I told him that I have just received a phone call telling me that I have a important document from Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan, but I have no idea of it. He said then, let's check it out what it is, he ask me to tell him my name... I felt like it maybe a deceit ( I thought, he may want to get my personal information), so I told him could you leave me you phone number so I can you back later, as I need to think it over first. Then He told me the number of office and his staff No. 139863. I checked this number, showing it is not from Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan. I think I have encountered a fraud.


7201453815 or +17201453815

Hi commented 2020-09-23
I received a call from this number stating that there is a suspicious fraudulent activity on my SSN and should press 1


8882727565 or +18882727565

Oumar camara commented 2020-09-23
Hi!you called me in the morning and asked me to send you my diplomas.please ,can l get your mail where to send it?


2024116780 or +12024116780

theresa commented 2020-09-23
Hangs up when I answered it without looking at the number


8102093659 or +18102093659

jack commented 2020-09-22
Didn't answer, they didn't leave message.


9165870079 or +19165870079

G Grande commented 2020-09-22
(Beware) This phone number is used by a car buying scammer.


6364584192 or +16364584192

M C commented 2020-09-22
Getting called from this number claiming fraud charges made to Amazon account....spam call


3156163792 or +13156163792

Lawn Tractor Repair commented 2020-09-22
A male voice left a message with him only saying what their phone number was and that was what they were reading it as when they repeated it and then hung up. No reason for the call or anything. Only what the phone number was. I live in Washington State and this number comes up as being in New York. My best guess is that they are someone getting started in the scammer business and not organized in running it yet.


8554970193 or +18554970193

Rose commented 2020-09-22
9/22/2020 Just received a robo call from 855.497.0193 asking me to call Amazon at 855.497.0193 regarding an order and if I want to have it shipped or if I want to cancel it, or if I want to close my account. This is definitely a scam! I don't buy anything from Amazon.


7342940672 or +17342940672

jesus commented 2020-09-22
received call no one talked. so i blocked


3322141063 or +13322141063

Bonny Hyde commented 2020-09-22
I received a text stating I have a pkg need to make arrangements for delivery before it's returned to sender. I couldn't get the email address in the text to work. What is in the pkg. where is it coming from? Is this a scam?


2168676553 or +12168676553

Lynn Hill commented 2020-09-22
Received a call stating they were One Source Document. They couldn’t tell me what the nature of the call was about. However they wanted to send me a certified letter. I asked from whom they gave me a number to call to get the details. I’m not calling anyone.


8889100897 or +18889100897

Paul K Wu commented 2020-09-22
Debt collector number


8284341049 or +18284341049

Judy commented 2020-09-22
scam call.If you don't return call,and give social security number,warrant will be issued for your arrest.


4347711590 or +14347711590

Susan P commented 2020-09-22
Scam, don't answer.