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8135403694 or +18135403694

kem commented 2020-09-25
This number called me I don't know anyone in Florida +18135403694


6804632004 or +16804632004

Lmm commented 2020-09-25
Think these are scammers getting many calls from different numbers


5089058407 or +15089058407

Arely commented 2020-09-25
Realiza cuentas falsas en Facebook y pide a tus contactos cercanos su número de WhatsApp para después usar tu nombre no se sabe para qué fin


5335655958 or +15335655958

Jeff commented 2020-09-25
I live in Japan, but I just got a call on my Japanese smart phone from this number.


3344545421 or +13344545421

Rebecca commented 2020-09-25
My friend


5337611159 or +15337611159

+1-533-761-1159 commented 2020-09-25
After the call is connected, the system voice is heard, It said, "The Chinese Embassy has a copy of your urgent document, which will affect your living situation, please press the number 9 button to contact the customer service staff", I tried to press the 9th button, and the system played the human voice, saying "Hello", I also casually replied "Hello",then the phone was hung up. The immediate feeling is that it is collecting sounds. This number is serving the CCP.


5627873800 or +15627873800

Ac commented 2020-09-25
Left me two voice mails saying there's fragulant activity in my bank and there has been a warrant issued to me as well as for arrest to stay on the line and speak to a sheriff.


4690060557 or +14690060557

Larry commented 2020-09-25
This is another scam caller number for a "Computer Refund Department".


8887050954 or +18887050954

just me commented 2020-09-25
Called from 1888-705-0954 was a female said name is Samantha Harper calling cause of a complaint and to return the call and if i don't legal action will go against me.. she talks so fast u have to repeat the message 3 or 4 times to get the number and so called acct number wrote dwn SCAM CALLER


2708355402 or +12708355402

P.Burks commented 2020-09-25
I asked for a verification code on a yahoo account and I got a code sent from this number is this legite or did someone get into my account?


7188265992 or +17188265992

ROBERT commented 2020-09-25
They called saying from social security that I've been breached


3204001179 or +13204001179

MGray commented 2020-09-24
DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK... This is the text I rec'd from this number.. Obviously a scan to get info. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK! URComplimentary UpgradesAre set to send when youFinish theFinal step:


3608136894 or +13608136894

Bill commented 2020-09-24
Called 22 times hung up each time. Lady answered call back said it was a small marina 5 phone lines only her abd two guys there. No calls. Man in the middle attack?? Or liar


6513695003 or +16513695003

g commented 2020-09-24


3022857529 or +13022857529

Pope commented 2020-09-24
Social Security Scam number.


8003111873 or +18003111873

ray f commented 2020-09-24
Claims to be Apple. Phony call claims my account was compromised.


7622000707 or +17622000707

PRISCILLA commented 2020-09-24
Scammer asking for personal info


8005781353 or +18005781353

Retired commented 2020-09-24
They are advertising something in the newspaper for sale & I am just curious who this company is. Are they reliable, can I trust them, etc????


8009737895 or +18009737895

Adelaine commented 2020-09-24
Somebody called up from my landline so many times different time and date; but did not leave any voicemail at all. When I returned my call to search who is the caller. whom to like to speak with, and what is their business in calling my landline. When I search the tel. no. who was the caller is from ECURIAN HEALTH CLINICAL TRIAL INFORMATION LINE. Maybe this is SCAM, Fraud caller using this agency's name.


4632231009 or +14632231009

Dale Norris commented 2020-09-24
says its from diabetic solutions.