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5867881059 or +15867881059

Inteliquent commented 2020-09-22
Inteliquent spammers sending out texts containing malware/viruses. Phishing. Inteliquent Spamming. Fraud


4142500328 or +14142500328

Yolo commented 2020-09-22
Calls and hangs up


3375621611 or +13375621611

Chuck U commented 2020-09-22
someone called from this number and it popped up as spam caller and then it texted me and said "please text me" When i responded with "who are you?" it went to the last person I texted with.


3234172168 or +13234172168

B. Chisholm commented 2020-09-22
This number told me they were calling from Amazon Visa and a charge of $268 was charged against my account. If I did not make this charge, I am to call a different number and report it otherwise it will remain on my account.


7207793299 or +17207793299

kerstin commented 2020-09-22
I need to know if this is a scam call


4698396241 or +14698396241

Annoyed receiver commented 2020-09-22
Caller said identity was stolen


6572211066 or +16572211066

Sheryl Love commented 2020-09-22
Thank you for this message, I was angry because I'm also a victim of this man Hamson Vischer now I know that his a fraudster, Im so blessed that god saved me from this wrong man. The way he message me was convincing but i had this feeling that maybe this man was lying and now I know the truth. Thank you Nancy for posting this on google.


6783218377 or +16783218377

Josiah pope commented 2020-09-22
Hi! No information


8444579235 or +18444579235

Paul * commented 2020-09-22
Does this number exist? When I called back, it turned out that the number was not being serviced


8883402911 or +18883402911

Sherrone * commented 2020-09-22
I answered the call from this number, but did not say anything, on the other hand, there was silence too, until I said hello, then it immediately hung up.


9153630163 or +19153630163

Nicolas * commented 2020-09-22
Owner of this number is engaged in one of the types of online scam


8005420624 or +18005420624

Bubba * commented 2020-09-22
If you have important information, then send it to voicemail and I will call you back, I do not answer unknown numbers.


8009588596 or +18009588596

Alex * commented 2020-09-22
This number called me very persistently today from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


6462140848 or +16462140848

serap commented 2020-09-22


8802942071 or +18802942071

Princy Sharma commented 2020-09-22
I got fraud calls from this number on the name of Career Builder regarding recruitment in TCS and demanding for deposite money of 6000


4804009566 or +14804009566

Lucia Giuliano commented 2020-09-22
I need to search this person because he is a scammer


5165898743 or +15165898743

ch commented 2020-09-22
Spam fax-call number


6625881610 or +16625881610

John commented 2020-09-22
I need the owners email to send an urgent message to save her life


4077301000 or +14077301000

Pieren commented 2020-09-22
Called for customer concerns in the Name of Globe telecom Philippines.


8776883462 or +18776883462

hiroron commented 2020-09-22
i'm japanese. i came from this phone number. it's used by scammers. take care of yourself!