Detailed information about +16572211066 or 6572211066 phone number in Anaheim California US

6572211066 or +16572211066


Rosalie from philippines commented 2020-07-25
Same thing happen to me i got email and we exchange mails and his from filipinocupid

Bianca Philippines commented 2020-07-22
The same thing happened to me. Someone emailed me and he said he got it a dating site that I joined before. He keeps sending me an email but I feel that there's something wrong with it. The way he expresses himself is so fishy. We exchanged 5 emails and it's kinda creepy because he is not answering some of my questions for him. The bad thing is, I provided him my info for shipping. Now I'm scared that he might use it against me to blackmail me. I decided to check his number on google when he wasn't able to answer my last message but instead, he sent like a 'love quotation'. What I'm gonna do? He already got my info :(

Rich commented 2020-07-10
Someone emailed me he told me he got my email in filipinocupid, his name is Hamson Vischer. Same contact number.

March Philippines commented 2020-07-07
i got also anf email from him, same person and same email. thanks to this info.atleast I know the details.

Hana commented 2020-07-05
Someone email me his name is hamson vischer and his phone # is +16572211066.OMG we always chat but i never saw him on video call and i never heard his voice personally

Anna from Philippines commented 2020-06-24
So, i found all your comments about this guy named Hamson Vischer. I cannot imagine I did exchange emails with him like 4 or 5 times and told him about me. Even provided my name, add and number because he said he was sending a package and then, theres my hint that something is wrong. He mentioned he’s sending stuff and a big amount of money via package. I am leaving this comment because I am concern now with the information I gave her. Well, it’s just like giving my shipping information when ordering something online, right? I did not give my date of birth or account number. But hey, thanks for all the comments here. Blocked his email. I am just reading his email now which was dated June 9, 2020. So I immediately googled his name and found this box and read all the comments. So there is no need for me to reply to his email.

MARY ANN commented 2020-06-13
i just received an email form hamson vischer. he said he got it from filipinocupid but i did not even know him. it this only 1person? he said hes an engineer. he even attached some of his photos.

Chin Philippines commented 2020-04-01
He told me his name is hamson vischer. I can tell from the way he write to me that he's a scammer. Hamson Vischer

Vien commented 2019-11-02
I have the same story. He also sent me this number of his (+16572211066). Just be careful

Lea from Philippines commented 2019-08-12
He also sent me a message at my email. He told me that he got my email at filipinocupid which i could not recall if i have met him in that site. He is Logan Kurt as he introduced himself and given me this number. Anyway, its better to not believed him easily.

Mia commented 2019-08-11
Someone emailed me and he told me that he got my email in Filipinacupid. And his name is Logan Kurt and when he send another email he mentioned that he is Hewitt Vinson. But now i stop replying his email. Its a scam girls. Let's be careful.

Alice from Philippines commented 2019-08-01
Same here. This number sent me an email stating he got my email from a filipino dating site. Sounds like a desperate email and kind of hoax, false, and convincing. He even sent a photo of him. I don’t know, but for safety, girls be smart. I don’t think you’re the only one he’s sending a message.

Mayette Philippines commented 2019-06-19
Someone also provide me that number and told me he got my email on +16572211066

Hanzel from Pholippines commented 2019-05-08
Someone is using this number and he is asking my full name, complete address and telephone number or mobile.... This person sends me email and he got n know my info through We are .communicating through this app....i just want to know more.

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