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9292260282 or +19292260282


VERY ANGRY commented 2020-10-17
Anyone calling for computer refund for services that were paid a year ago. They fraud you by using your computer or laptop to send the money, then they tell you to stay off your computer so they can send you the payment but tack on an additional amount so you have to refund. They use Chase Banks in Washington to claim they cannot return so you have to help them get their money back using Thailand as either a fraudulent notice to send money back but it is going through other avenues to show that you can't see it because they freeze the computer and tell you they are working on your computer so they don't lose anything. Then a it gets closer to the weekend they tell you that your computer will be back and they take all your money and leave you destitute. They are criminals and they have foreign accents that are not from this country. They are using several staff who are majority foreign and they are liars, cheats and takes advantage of the elderly. Never trust them!

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