Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


3095369308 or +13095369308

Антонина commented 2021-03-07
Живу в России. Сегодня был звонок. В трубке тишина


7148651154 or +17148651154

Michelle commented 2021-03-07
I got a text from "Amazon" saying I won airpods in a raffle. Seems sketchy


7325068569 or +17325068569

Latefa commented 2021-03-07
Willmoro loves to play head games


8444710554 or +18444710554

D wellman commented 2021-03-07
Was in reference to a vaccine registration. Don't know if it was legit


8442944275 or +18442944275

no commented 2021-03-07
Leaves voice mail, using a computer generated, female voice, " has been breached due to unauthorized login attempts. We strongly recommend please do not access your any (stat) financial information such as banking shopping memory devices (stat) for security reasons until you i- cloud account will not get fixed. Press one to talk to Apple Support. Thank you" Not an Apple user. Looks like phishing, smells like phishing. Stat means the previous words are verbatim and not and entry error.


6029609129 or +16029609129

chrollo commented 2021-03-06
this is a spam number


8552484140 or +18552484140

Leery Customer commented 2021-03-06
My bank account was billed by this company. Reverse Lookup app labeled ph#: Scam/ Unsafe call. My call 3/4/2021 to investigate was answered by a rude english speaking middle eastern accent fellow who quickly refunded my banking account the next day. I permanately blocked the credit card used by them. Be warned.


4081813135 or +14081813135

Freddy commented 2021-03-06
got call - says "apple support" - caller ID shows "potential scam"


7403051977 or +17403051977

Veteran commented 2021-03-06
Fake computer type call!!?


7403059877 or +17403059877

Veteran commented 2021-03-06
Harassing fake about a bill I might owe!!!


7144005968 or +17144005968

Kim commented 2021-03-06
Fake no to sell iphones


2086757470 or +12086757470

Fox_tail_2001 commented 2021-03-06
Its a scam call asking for money


7633431891 or +17633431891

Bob S commented 2021-03-06
I received an email claiming I requested/ordered Fire Wall Tech Help. Their email said: This is a subscription order and you will be billed every 3 Years until you cancel your subscription. The first payment of $647 is due May 3, 2021. Issue with this transaction? You can cancel the subscription any time. You have 48 hours from the date of the transaction to cancel the subscription without being charged.


6784036714 or +16784036714

Veteran commented 2021-03-06
Tell me, can anyone know the owner of the phone?


9126941519 or +19126941519

Santosh commented 2021-03-06
We left this number for communication, but I cannot get through.


5432736973 or +15432736973

245353527 commented 2021-03-06
Norem Seran, 05782245784


3239497568 or +13239497568

L commented 2021-03-06
Got a text message rsvp free tickets for invitation only comedy with tinyurl link


5624738262 or +15624738262

Janle Reyes Villanueva commented 2021-03-06
I just want to know if who is the owner of this number and i want to know about he's back ground and I want to know if he's gender also


9792488451 or +19792488451

David commented 2021-03-06
Thanks for the feedback, I will block it right away.


8334101610 or +18334101610

Sally commented 2021-03-06
Received a spam text