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3238869009 or +13238869009

Behnam commented 2020-08-11
hello. This number is for me and I bought it from Bell's representative. It had been discontinued for some time due to lack of use but is now reactivated.


4154700000 or +14154700000

Gustavo commented 2020-08-11
Unexpected call, didn't answer


5413152140 or +15413152140

Carla Gebert commented 2020-08-11
Getting Robo calls from an entity claiming to be Amazon Prime membership renewal.


9162937605 or +19162937605

Nona commented 2020-08-11
Caller calls twice and disconnected before interception of the call. THIS IS A SCAM CALLER! Block calls from this number. When calling back, they pickup, but say nothing. BLOCK CALLER!


5128660635 or +15128660635

Anon commented 2020-08-11
Democrats filling my incoming msgs with questions like: is this your name?, is this your address? who are you voting for? are you in favor of mail in ballots? are you following covid-19 restrictions? Typical losers.


4108344271 or +14108344271

Kaysha Redford commented 2020-08-11
It's a Scam!


3609910112 or +13609910112

Adnan Ali commented 2020-08-11
They are calling me regarding the Canadian Immigration, they said they are calling form Canadian immigration. That’s why I want details


6097575584 or +16097575584

ali osman commented 2020-08-10
This number is impersonating


8185082078 or +18185082078

Isaac commented 2020-08-10
Automatic message saying my phone number was randomly selected to receive a free Marriott stay. Then said to press a number to get transferred. Of this were real, a real person would have called, and not a machine. So I hung up.


9179940947 or +19179940947

Shawn Acher commented 2020-08-10
Does this phone number belong to the name


8334530311 or +18334530311

John Doe commented 2020-08-10
Missed call?


8322911373 or +18322911373

Jonathon commented 2020-08-10
Name of caller ID came up as covery Katy


8322911373 or +18322911373

Covery Katy commented 2020-08-10
Called hung up said abosuetly call lasted 7 seconds heard something sounding like the where recording may be some me sort of scam the ones that record you voice.


2082133626 or +12082133626

John commented 2020-08-10
This number calls periodically but never leaves a message. If you answer, you'll hear a low buzzing tone and then it will either hang up or start reading an automated advertisements for different things.


8805900030 or +18805900030

Thomas O'Connell commented 2020-08-10
Beware of SCAM! Third party subscription renewal offerings at vastly marked up prices!


2159410907 or +12159410907

Mrs. Kingsley commented 2020-08-10
No voice mail left and no answer when I returned the call... I also sent a text but did not receive a response either


8805900030 or +18805900030

Thomas O'Connell commented 2020-08-10
Number is a third party subscription seller. They send renewal notices for GUIDEPOSTS magazine charging $49.95 per year. Renewal from GUIDEPOSTS is about $17.00!


9285695078 or +19285695078

čtyřkolka Kawasaki KLF 300, bez SPZ commented 2020-08-10
otravuje, vola, vyzvání a nemluví - parchanti


4122919966 or +14122919966

Chloe Judge Wilson commented 2020-08-10
Caller ID said "Potential Spam" and I didn't recognize the number. So picked up and immediately hung up so as to make their system think I have a call blocker on the line.


2127005815 or +12127005815

Laura commented 2020-08-10
2rings, answering machine turns on, hangs up, no message left.