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9174750374 or +19174750374

Cecil Michaelson * commented 2021-04-18
Number of crooks who cheat and take your money.


8772750883 or +18772750883

Oliwier * commented 2021-04-18
Who is calling me? This phone number is not found anywhere.


8508093399 or +18508093399

Isaiah Diaz * commented 2021-04-18
I am looking for a phone owner. I need to talk.


8448935577 or +18448935577

Amber Clarke * commented 2021-04-18
Who knows whose phone number this is? I want to know why they called me. Maybe someone knows.


8178351807 or +18178351807

Bartosz * commented 2021-04-18
I want to say that scammers call from this phone number and cheat on money. Don't trust anyone or send money.


6280173598 or +16280173598

Sartaj Ahmed commented 2021-04-18
The callers threatened. I demand that you block this number.


7044450748 or +17044450748

Tanya Phillips commented 2021-04-18
I recently rec'd a message through FB by someone who does not typically interact with me (nothing bad, just no time for socializing). She also has been inactive on FB for a very long time. I suspect her account was hacked for the purpose of sending so-called personal messages and the messages I am receiving are highly suspect. This person provided the #1-704-445-0748, stated that it was to Attorney Linda Robert, who she says is the managing director of the Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Supposedly they have a new program designed to give out money to needy and/or elderly people, and from which she, herself, has rec'd $100,000.00 and it was free money, not a loan nor specific perimeters of how to use it. -- I've reported it. Stay alert and don't get sucked into these kinds of scams.


2702034584 or +12702034584

Makacho commented 2021-04-18
They are scam, do not trust them. They offer stuff cheaper and once they get money, they block you or just disappear.


7577043497 or +17577043497

Meli commented 2021-04-18
Este número se hizo pasar por un hombre Ruso, es un número de empresa de WhatsApp, cuando lo enfrente y le dije que me estaba mintiendo me bloqueo


8888031936 or +18888031936

gary commented 2021-04-18
This phone Number is being used in a phone scam. BEWARE DON"T RESPOND TO IT!


8332417178 or +18332417178

TJ commented 2021-04-18
Texted for my address for a "Stimulus Check pending". Looks scammy


8054033730 or +18054033730

Anonymous commented 2021-04-18
Spam call, left an automated voice message "If we don't hear back from you, there will be serious charges against you">


4085618409 or +14085618409

Kamil Stone commented 2021-04-18
My number is 14085618409 . What name comes up for the owner of the phone?


8885080988 or +18885080988

Van commented 2021-04-18
I receive the fault message related to this phone number. Please do something that people are not got traps from them. Here is their message, sent from number +13234527458: "Order Confirmed: Order Shipped #O98573 for Samsung s21ultra, an Amount of $899.99 will be deducted from your card. Not you? call us at +18885080988. weamazon."


4695042230 or +14695042230

Annonymous commented 2021-04-17
I have received 4 text messages on my cell phone. Hi (with my name on it), your debit card got double charged! We are sorry to hear that. All funds have been credited! Accept our apologies with this gift:! Have a geat day!


9713783991 or +19713783991

Shawn Robbins commented 2021-04-17
This number messaged me with package details, that did look convincing, however, it was a phishing link trying to get information for a “free”iPad. Don’t fall for this guys, and spam call them.. I call ten times a day hoping I give them a mini heart attack. :)


4123189258 or +14123189258

Chloe Judge Wilson commented 2021-04-17
No message left -- call may have been blocked before getting through. Caller ID just said "Pittsburgh, PA" but the "+1" before the (local) area code suggests otherwise....


6297471289 or +16297471289

Pedro commented 2021-04-17
He's a scammer, sold me and installed a heater that didn't work. He didn't answer my phone calls


3234527458 or +13234527458

Suze commented 2021-04-17
I just received a call informing me that I have purchased a Samsung s21ultra (whatever that is...) and 899.99 will be deducted from my account (which one?) . They ask me to call 18885080988. Number does not exist. Beware!!


6505497052 or +16505497052

Unbekannt commented 2021-04-17
+1 (650) 549-7052 I have a contact with a doctor Dr. David Watson, who is in the military camp in Kabul, Afghanistan. He needs money for life insurance 3200 euros. He wants to get out of the military camp and start new life in Germany or other countries. He can't make a phone call, just write because everything is forbidden there. Tried to call. . . and. . . It was his turn, he didn't know the video call came. . . and what do you think. . . that was an African! ! ! ! Scammers! ! !